Hiatus (part 1)

Hello everyone,

I known I have not been updating my secret diary for some time… I would like to say sorry to all of you for going MIA during for the past year. The past year was a roller coaster ride emotionally. I found what I thought was true love only to lose it eventually…

If you will still lend me your heart and spare me a bit of your love please read on.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in late 2016, I decided to go to AMK Hub for lunch and enjoy some much needed aircon. It was a hot day so I decided to go light on the clothing, I wore a lime green tank top with a tight pair of black cotton shorts. Did not want to bring any bag so I held my wallet in hand stuff my hand phone in my back pocket.

After lunch I decided to go to the ladies. On my way there I heard crying coming from the direction of the ladies, I saw a man in his mid thirty carrying his crying daughter.

The man was 1.7m medium build in his thirties with neatly combed side parting hair. He was of slightly above average look and bespectacled. He was wearing his green NS* singlet with a pair of light grey bermudas complete with a pair of blue crocs.  Not very fashionable I would say.

*National Service

His daughter is another matter altogether. The young toddler looks to be between 2 to 3 years old. She was wearing a baby pink t shirt with a denim jacket and hot pink skirt complete with cute little pink glossy boots. Even though she was crying loudly she still look very cute to me. She has a very cute face with baby chubby cheek that I so want to pinch. Last of all she was sporting a bob hair just like me (^~^)

They were standing outside the handicap toilet, I have no idea what was the issue with the 2 of them. I proceed to the ladies to do my ladies business. When I came out of the ladies they were still outside the handicap toilet. The daughter was still crying loudly. There was already a group of auntie gathering around to see what the commotion was all about. I was curious and so stayed around a bit to see how the situation will develop. The father was trying hard to console his daughter and I overhead him saying, “wait… just wait a short while.” After a few minute I could no longer stand watching the young baby girl continue to crying.

I pluck up my courage to approach the father and daughter pair and spoke to the man.

Me: Hi, my name is Shirley. May I know what is happening and if I can be of any help?

Bespectacled guy: my daughter wants to use the toilet but it is currently occupied.

He gesture to the handicap toilet.

Me: you can bring him to gents? She is a kid should be okay.

Bespectacled guy: she is shy and I don’t want her to see their… you know what…

Me: oh I see… In that case why don’t I bring her to the ladies?

Bespectacled guy: really? That’s great! Joey, go with jiejie to toilet okay? She will bring you in.

Me: *I stretch out my hand to lead the baby girl to the ladies* come, Joey, Jiejie bring you to toilet okay?

Bespectacled guy: Joey,  be a good girl and go with jiejie.

Joey stop stop crying to look at me with her big round eyes. She reluctantly stretch out her hand for me to hold. Keeping to the pace of her small foot step I brought Joey to the ladies. I used to take care of my younger cousin when they stayed over at our place so I had no problem taking care of Joey. Joey did her business quickly and I carried her to reach the basin to wash her hand, we left the ladies after drying her hand.

When we saw her father again Joey walked briskly to approach her father. Joey did not let go of my hand even as we walk towards her father. Upon reaching her father I tried to hand Joey to her father but she would not let go of my hand. Her father and I exchange a confuse look. Joey’s father squat down to speak to her while ruffling her hair. Joey mumbled something inaudible to her father with her back facing me.

I looked at her father and gave him a what is it? look with my raised nicely trimmed eyebrow.

Joey’s father: she said thank you.

I place my hand on Joey’s shoulder to gently nudge her to turn around to face me. Joey tried to burrow her face into her father’s chest to avoid me but her father held her in place to prevent her from doing so. We manage to turn Joey around to face me and I spoke softly, “Joeyyy… what did you just say?”

Joey: … th…you…

Joey’s father: Joey you must speak loud enough for people to hear you.

Joey:……… y…ou.

Me: I think it’s okay don’t force her la… *I patted Joey on the top of her head lightly* anyway my task here is done so I will be on my way.

I turn to walk away while occasionally turning around to steal glance at Joey who eventually left the safety of her father’s chest to look at me leaving with her cute puppy eye.

Life went back to mundane normality until a fateful rainy day.

It was about 1 month since I last saw Joey and her father. I was on my way out to meet a friend Caleb for a date, he was a potential boyfriend material introduced by a mutual friend. For the date I wore a 1 piece yellow dress with flowery imagery, the front of the dress covers me up decently showing minimum skin at my chest.  It was a dress with a slightly flared skirt that ends just slightly below my knee. The magic of the dress is due to the fact that it was a bareback dress. The opening stops about an inch below where my bra strap should be. Not one to spoil the dress I wore only a pair of nu bra that day.

It was a cold evening, the sun has almost set. I was already 15 minutes late even before I started my journey. I whipped out my phone from my Burberry handbag and fired up Grab. 3 minutes later my ride arrived at the sheltered pick up point at my block. I entered the vehicle and sat on the front passenger seat. It was the seat that I always took if I am alone because I understand that most private hire drivers prefer not to be seen as chauffeur ferrying people around.

To my surprise the driver was Joey’s father. Immediately we burst into a spontaneous loud “HELLO!!!” in unison. Both of us found it an incredible coincidence to have met a second time under such circumstances. We began chit chat during the journey and I found out that his name was Xing. He was in his mid thirties. Joey was 3 years old, she was being babysat at his mom’s place so Xing had free time to earn some extra buck that night. Feeling curious about his wife, Joey’s mom I  blurted out my question.

Me: So… you don’t have to accompany your wife?

Xing: we are divorced…

Me: sorry for asking.

Xing: it’s okay.

We did not chat much after my rude question. Feeling cold and shivering I began hugging my handbag tightly. Xing notice me fidgeting around in my seat and asked if the air con was too cold. I shifted my body a little to show Xing my bareback to justify why I was feeling cold. Xing’s eyes widen and I could see that he was pleased with what he was seeing. Xing quickly averted his gaze and increased the aircon temperature for me. Due to the heavy rain outside I was still feeling cold. When we reached the next traffic light Xing release his seat belt to remove his hoodie and gave it to me as a jacket to keep me warm. I could faintly smell Xing on his hoodie, it was not an unpleasant smell, I liked it. Maybe it was due to the warmth from his hoodie our conversation began to warm up too and we started to talk about our work, our hobby and eventually found out that we lived nearby in Ang Moh Kio which was why I was assigned to him when I used Grab. Xing was a very humorous guy who made a lot of quirky joke during the journey. All the laughing warmed my heart and left me in a much more chirpy mode than when I left for the date earlier that day.

When we reached my destination in town I gave Xing back his hoodie. Before I left, Xing offered to come back and fetch me back home after my date. Xing meant for the offer as gratitude for my help previously. I politely decline as I had expected Caleb to send me back after our date but still took down Xing’s number. Xing was gentleman enough to exit the vehicle and open the car door for me so that I did not have to struggle getting down the vehicle in my dress and high heels.

I met Caleb for dinner at a restaurant. He praised me for I looking good in my dress and I thanked him for his compliment. Caleb was not to shabbily dressed himself,  he was wearing a white shirt with a pair of skinny jeans complete with a pair of light brown leather shoes. 6.5/10 for fashion sense.

Thorough out the dinner Caleb kept talking almost non-stop. I knew that he was trying to get the conversation going but the feeling I got was not one of pleasant humour but more like he was trying too hard to impress. I tried my best to laugh at his joke but was not able to do much beyond squeezing my facial muscle together to produce a fake smile and my laughter that were way off timing. Caleb seemed to believe that I was genuinely impressed with his jokes. I was not sure if it was a habit or Caleb was over enthusiastic to impress but he often spoke with his mouth full of food. 3/10 for charming personality.

After the dinner we went to collect the movie tickets at Golden Village. Caleb deliberately took only a single straw for a cup of drink that we were suppose to share. When I looked at him with questioning eye he smiled sheepishly,  I took a sip before he had the chance to and did not drink from the straw again.

Settling down in our seat Caleb placed the drink on his side of the chair. I was wondering why he did not placed it in between us as it would have been easier to share the drink that way. I found out shortly before the movie began. The lights were dimming in preparation for the movie to be shown Caleb shifted up the seat handle separating our seats to make it a couple seat. I immediately placed my handbag between us to prevent him from closing in on me. I am not a woman to shy away from physical intimacy with my partner, conversely I enjoy skinship. BUT there needs to be chemistry, it should not be something that you attempt to sneak in just when the lights were dimming. Respect for female 4/10.

Thorough out the movie Caleb kept trying to move closer to me, occasionally he even attempt to hold my hand. In reaction I moved away from him. Caleb was in fact pushing me towards the guy on my left with his constant invasion of my personal space. I barely remembered what the movie was about as I had to spend all my effort avoiding contact with Caleb.

After the movie Caleb offered to send me back but I politely decline as  I could not bear to be around him any longer. It was at that moment I remembered Xing’s offer. I informed Caleb that I will be using Grab to get a ride back. I called Xing and told him that if it was not too much of a trouble I would like to engage his service to drive me back. Caleb accompanied me to wait for Xing to arrive.

When Xing arrived he once again exit his vehicle to open the car door for me while Caleb merely stood there waving his hand to say goodbye. I gesture for Caleb to come near the car and thank him for the date, to my shock he was leaning in for a kiss. I dart back into the safety of the car leaving him stranded in awkwardnes.

During the journey back Xing asked me how was the date and I went into full complain mode and told him all my unhappiness with how the date went. Most man I know will take advantage of such situation to boast how much better they could have done if they had been my date. Xing was different, he suggested that maybe Caleb was too nervous due to his inexperience and his nervousness would have been due to his eagerness to please me. His smile was full of manly charm when he analyst the details of the date. By that point in time I had no interest in the motive of Caleb’s action. I was totally smitten by the gentlemanly charm that Xing was exuding. I was hoping his GPS will fail so that we can spend more time together.

When we finally reach my place I merely sat still in my seat as Xing opened the door for me. Xing offered to accompany me up to my unit as he was worried for my safety if I were to go up on my own. When we reach my unit I so wanted to invite him in for ‘coffee’ but I had to remain compose, I did not want him to feel that I was an easy woman.

I bid Xing goodbye and he left only after I had locked the metal gate. I took a quick shower and lay on my bed fiddling with my phone while waiting for my hair to dry.

*notification tone*

Caleb: yo babe,  I hope you have reached home safely.

Me: yep, reached home already. Thanks for everything today.

Caleb: you free tomorrow?

Me: sorry but I have an appointment tomorrow night.(I don’t have one)

Caleb: how about afternoon?

Me: meeting my mom for lunch.(this is real)

Caleb: after that?

Me: shopping with her. (More excuse)

Caleb: wow to you sure have busy schedule.

Me: I’m in high demand :p

Caleb: I really look forward to our next date.

Me: oic

Caleb: how did I perform tonight?

Me: very gentlemanly I enjoy the date.

Caleb: me too! I really enjoy your company.  Love your perfume too. You smell so nice!

Me: oic

Caleb: you very tired already? Want to sleep?

Me: yes very sleepy. (Bored actually)

Caleb: ok let’s sleep together. I am going to sleep too. Nite nite.

(I did not want to reply)

*notification tone*

Xing: Hi, I hope you don’t mind me saving your number without your permission. You asleep?

Me: I don’t mind you saving my number, wide awake 🙂 Thanks for the ride today.

Xing: mind if we chat a while?

Me: don’t mind :p

Xing: sorry for being a kaypo but I feel that you should really give your date a chance. I had the same problem when I was initially dating. Had you been my first date I would be as nervous as him.

Me: aiya… he trying too hard, very irritating loh. By the way why will you be nervous leh?

Xing: because you are beautiful?

Me: kekeke you later your wife  jealous ah.

Xing: there is no wife…

Me: oops… I’m sorry.

Xing: let’s talk some other day. It was nice chatting with you.

I think might have accidentally stumbled upon a wrong topic…

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Conquering Charlie Chaste part 10

Previously: Charlie close in on me and kissed me on the lips. Charlie did not need any more coaxing as he reached out to grab my boobs with both his hands an gave them a soft squeeze. Grabbing Charlie’s left hand I guided his soft hand to my pointy nipple.

Charlie’s hand was different from other guys. Charlie had very soft palm and slim fingers unlike other guys that have rough palm and thick fingers. Charlie’s hand was gently rubbing my breast with my nipple at the center of his hand’s movement.

Charlie broke away from our kiss and lowered his head towards my breast. I felt Charlie’s soft lips on my nipple! Charlie was kissing my right nipple making loud smooching sound. I was not able to hold back and moaned loudly in response to Charlie’s kissing. My right hand held onto the back of Charlie’s head and press his head onto my boobs. Charlie understood what I wanted and opened his mouth to suck my nipples alternating between the two of them.

Charlie’s other hand went down south to try and touch my pussy that was covered by my hand, however I decided to tease Charlie a little as revenge for his refusal to acknowledge my superior beauty over his girlfriend. I continued to cover my pussy with my left hand. Charlie’s right hand stroked the back of my left hand to get me to stop covering my pussy. When the stroking failed to get my left hand off my pussy, Charlie stopped his licking and looked at me. Charlie mumbled, “Shirley… I want to touch…” his right hand attempting to gently pry my left hand away from my pussy, the back of his fingers touching my pussy a little.

“Mmmmm cannot touch~, you say your girlfriend prettier you go touch her lo~” I coyly protested. “Okay, okay… I admit my mistake… you are prettier than my girlfriend” satisfied with Charlie’s admission of my superior charm I held Charlie’s right hand and brought it to my pussy. Still holding his right hand I pressed Charlie’s right hand against my pussy so that his palm was enveloping my pussy wholly.

Charlie’s right hand brought much needed warmth to my pussy as his soft palm press against the delicate skin of my pussy.  Charlie began moving his right hand to massage my pussy, by then the entrance to my pussy was already a wet mess with my love juice forming a transparent moist curtain ready to be pierced by the slightest touch from Charlie.

Charlie’s finger tip met the entrance of my pussy and I felt a slight push as he gently push his right index finger into my pussy. “mm…” I gave a out a soft moan in acknowledgement to Charlie fingering me. Our passionate kissing resumed, I hugged Charlie with both hands to get his body as close to mine as possible while his finger worked on my pussy at a leisurely pace.

Wanting to milk all the pleasure I could from Charlie I held Charlie’s face between my hands and looked him in the eye. I put on an innocent face and as if asking for something as simple as borrowing a staple from Charlie during class I told Charlie, “Didi…lick Jie Jie okay?” Being the very innocent person that he is, Charlie move his head down towards my chest and cup my breast with his mouth and began licking my nipple. As much as I enjoyed Charlie licking my breast, that was not what I wanted.

I tapped Charlie on the top of his head with my hand. Charlie looked up at me wondering what I wanted. I slipped myself out from beneath Charlie and sat myself up with Charlie’s pillow behind my back for support. Charlie was still on all fours while I sat facing him with my legs spread in a M shape.

With my right hand caressing Charlie’s cheek to get his attention I pointed down at my pussy with my left hand and this time round whispered in a seductive tone , “Didi…lick Jie Jie okay?” This time round Charlie got what I meant and blushed. “Orh…” Charlie replied with a nod. Charlie buried his red flushed face right into my pussy to give me the lick I requested for.

Charlie’s warm and soft tongue came into contact with my awaiting pussy. Charlie’s tongue went up and down the surface of my pussy.

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Conquering Charlie Chaste part 9

Previously: Charlie turn around and I immediately grabbed his face with both my hands and planted a deep kiss on his lips. I did not take long before Charlie began to accept my kissing and opened his lips slightly. I began to french him and used my tongue to push the mint candy into his mouth.

Me: “nice?”

Charlie: “yes…”

Charlie was blushing. I love his shyness. So~~~ cute.

Using both hands I pushed Charlie down onto the bed and mounted him by sitting on his crotch.

Charlie: “Shirley…please get up… both of us are attached. What if they find out?”

Me: “they won’t find out if we don’t tell.”

I grabbed Charlie’s hands and place them on my boobs. Although Charlie has a expression of grimace on his face but his hands didn’t leave my boobs.

Charlie: “you know what I promise my girlfriend right?”

Charlie asked while his hands are still rubbing my boobs with his palm through my tank top and bra. Talk about having double standard.

Me: “I know… but you masturbate right? Just take it that you are masturbating using my picture again but now using a 3D picture okay?”

Charlie kept quiet. I could sense that Charlie felt guilty for cheating on his girlfriend but I was too horny to care.

To push Charlie beyond the point of no return I push Charlie’s hands away from my boobs before removing my tank top and bra quickly. I saw that Charlie’s eyes was fixated to my naked breast as if being hypnotize by my breast. I helped Charlie remove his top and lean down so that my face was just slightly away from his face. I whispered into Charlie’s ear, “since you feel guilty touching me why don’t you feel me with your body?”

My fleshy boobs pressed against Charlie’s chest and I deliberately shifted my body a little to brush my nipple against his. Charlie’s body shivered a little when our nipples met, I too felt a sudden jolt rushing through my body. The excitement of having sex with my best friend was just too overwhelming for me.

I grind my pussy on Charlie’s crotch to give him a dry fuck. Charlie’s cock reciprocated by erecting from inside his shorts in reaction to my grinding. Charlie wrapped his arm around my body to hug me and used his hands to rub my naked back. Soon Charlie’s hands followed the curvature of my back and inserted his hands partially into my shorts to squeeze my butt. I let out a little moan from Charlie’s squeezing of my butt. Charlie was kissing me on my cheeks as I moaned into his ears from his grabbing and squeezing of my fleshy butt. Charlie’s action started to become bolder by slipping his hands into my comfy underwear to caress my naked butt directly. I rewarded Charlie by grinding his erection more intensively. Charlie grabbed the edge of my shorts and underwear to try and remove them at one go. However he was unable to do so as I sprawled on top of him in a position somewhat frog-like so my shorts and underwear could not get pass my thigh. Despite not succeeding in remove my shorts and underwear completely Charlie still took pleasure in exposing my cute bum as our lips connected.

We kissed like long lost lovers. Only separating to catch a few breath before resume our passionate kissing again. Charlie tongue was wriggling in my mouth, his tongue was so soft unlike some of the other guys I kissed before who had very rough tongue. French kissing with Charlie was very pleasurable. I regretted not making out with him earlier, we could have snuck out in between lectures to make out in some dark corner of the school.

Charlie whispered into my ear, “Shirley… remove your shorts.”

My heart was racing as I thought to myself, “yay! Charlie want to see my pussy!”

I almost could not hold back the excitement of exposing my naked pussy to Charlie.

I got up from Charlie, turned around so that I was back facing Charlie and wore my shorts and underwear back on. I dance around a little performing a short striptease for Charlie, pulling my shorts and underwear down a little to give him a glimpse of my butt before pulling them up again. I pulled my shorts down to my crotch area to let it slide down to my ankle before kicking the shorts down from he bed. I was topless and clad in only a my comfy grey underwear.

I only needed one hand to remove my underwear so I used the other hand to cover my pussy. I lean forward a little so that Charlie would be able to get a sneak peek of my clean shaven pussy when my underwear came off. I removed my underwear in a slow and deliberate manner in order, I stopped when my underwear was at he half pass my butt cheek I turned my head to look at Charlie and saw that his eyes was staring straight at he area between my legs. I wiggled my butt to get his attention.

“You ready?” I giggled as I teased Charlie.

Charlie did not say anything but was smiling and nodding his head eagerly. Charlie had such a cute smile, his smile melted my heart.

I gripped the edge of my underwear so there was minimal space between my skin and my underwear. I gave my underwear a quick pull and butt would bounce a little once set free from the constraint of my underwear. Charlie was pleasantly surprised when my bouncy butt spring in his face as he exclaimed “Wow!” upon seeing my naked butt. Charlie was closing in to have a closer look at my pussy that was partially covered my my hand.

Before Charlie could get a clear view I turn around and plonk myself down on the bed. “Charlie I’m cold…” I cooed, still covering my pussy with my left hand I stretch out my right hand to gesture for Charlie to join me on the bed.

Charlie close in on me and kissed me on the lips. Charlie did not need any more coaxing as he reached out to grab my boobs with both his hands an gave them a soft squeeze. Grabbing Charlie’s left hand I guided his soft hand to my pointy nipple.

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Conquering Charlie Chaste part 8

Previously:  A quick glance at the clock reveal that the time was already close to midnight so Charlie and I accompanied YT downstairs to flag a cab to send her home. A sobbing YT apologize to us for spoiling our fun before reluctantly went flagging a cab to get home. With YT gone the Charlie’s house was only occupied by the two of us. Charlie and I went back to his room to continue with the horror movie. As I no longer have YT to share the comforter with I felt very cold even though I wrapped myself up like a cocoon with the comforter.

Me: “Charlie… I’m cold…”
Charlie: “take this” (Charlie offer me another blanket)
Me: “it won’t help…” I pouted my lips and signal to him that I already surrounded by quite a number of pillow on his bed.
Charlie: “what you want then?”
Me: “can you share your body warmth with me?”
Charlie: “huh? Don’t want la… so weird…”
Me: “I mean purely sharing body heat la… just sit beside me. Not like I’m asking you to sleep with me… even if you want I won’t allow you to… I have a boyfriend you know… (roll eyes)”
Charlie: “okok whatever”
Charlie crawled out of his sleeping back and join me in sitting on his bed with the comforter draped over both our shoulder. We were seated beside each other, I leaned my body towards Charlie. Our thigh touched as Charlie was wearing a t shirt and shorts too.
Me: “you don’t try anything funny ah… I will kick you off the bed if you do…”
Charlie: “whatever la… no one want to touch you”
Me: “maybe not you but many others want lo…” I was slightly angry that Charlie made that remark about no guys wanting to touch me. It hurts my feminine ego. (I folded my arms to prop up my boobs hoping that Charlie will see them but he was too engross in the movie)
Charlie: “shhhh I want to hear what they are saying, not your yapping”

Having Charlie beside me was great as I could grab and squeeze and pinch his arm whenever a jump scare moment occur during the movie. Finally after an intense fight the heroine manage to kill the serial killer. Both of us heave a sigh of relief upon seeing the heroine survive. When the movie ended Charlie wanted to go back to his sleeping bag and call it a night. But I hook my arm around his and complained that I was still both afraid and cold. I made Charlie accompany me for a while more and suggest that we browse his social media account together until I was less afraid to sleep.

We sat together and went through his secondary and primary school mate. We were browsing through the good looking, the bad looking and the weird looking. When Charlie showed me pictures of his secondary school crush and kept praising her saying how much prettier she has grown since he last saw her I was jealous and even slightly angry. I kept criticizing her and pester Charlie to move on to see other profile.

Being in such close proximity to Charlie together in a room made me felt horny. While browsing his friend’s account I saw our poly group picture and an idea immediately came to my mind. I remembered that during our last gathering Charlie confess to fantasizing about me. I had always wanted to tease him about it since I first found out about it. I nudge Charlie with my elbow and asked Charlie to let me have the mouse, I browse around leisurely to my own account and click on it.

Charlie: “why you so *bo liao click on your own profile?”

Me: “I want to see something ma…”

Charlie: “you are such a narcissus… see yourself everyday still must come to my house and use my computer to look at yourself.”

Charlie complete his comment with a look of exaggerated disgust.

Me: “you don’t know pretty girl like me like to look at myself every time one meh?”

Charlie: “no lo my girlfriend prettier than you but she don’t do that.”


Charlie was smiling smugly at my silence.

Now now, Charlie’s saying that his girlfriend is prettier than me got me all fired up. I personally think I am more pretty than his girlfriend who is a typical plain Jane with shoulder length hair. I know Charlie was not going to admit that I am prettier than his girlfriend but I figure out that I have a way to prove it.

I open up my profile and went to my album and click on a few pictures randomly before stopping to ask Charlie,”hey Charlie, you know previously at the chalet…when you confess… about fantasizing about me… which of my picture do you use to… masturbate? Tell me leh… I want to know how to seduce my boyfriend for more sex.”

I said it with the straightest face I could pull off.

Charlie tried to avoid my question by randomly asking me which location was the background of my picture.

I persevere on and ask him point to several of my bikini picture, “this one? this one? this one?”

Charlie: “no. no. no.”

Charlie just kept saying no and did not bother to answer me seriously.

I thought of a way to motivate Charlie to give in to my question.

Me: “*Didi…If you don’t tell me then I am going to open up a porn site, save a few pictures and upload them as your display pic. :p”

*Didi is Chinese for younger brother.

I usually call Charlie Didi when I want to tease him.

Charlie: “don’t do that la… you very pervert for a girl leh.”

Charlie tried to snatch the mouse away from me but I placed the mouse on my thigh using my thigh as a mouse pad so that it will be awkward for Charlie to grab it. That did not deter Charlie as he tickled me to force me to give up the mouse.

I curled into a ball and kept the mouse close to my tummy to prevent Charlie from taking it away from me but with each tickle I would loosen my grip on the mouse as I giggled.

When Charlie came close to wrestling the mouse away from me I used my triumph card. I drop the mouse into my tank top resting between my boobs.

With both hands behind my back I lean forward a little and dared Charlie to grab the mouse.

“Didi… now you want to tell me which picture of mine you use to masturbate? ” I giggled as I taunted Charlie.

To prevent Charlie from snatching the mouse from me again I then decided to use my boobs as a mouse pad. It was no easy feat as my boobs was not flat enough to let the mouse slide around easily. But it was worth it as Charlie made no attempt to snatch the mouse anymore. I navigated back to my profile page and Charlie meekly point to me a few picture.

I ask Charlie why did he pick those pictures. He said they appeal to him, especially those that showed off my boobs.

Me: “so what did you imagine doing to me when you look at my picture?”

Charlie: “I imagine grabbing them lo.”

Me: “and?”

Charlie: “lick… them.”

I slap Charlie across his arm, “eeeeee you so pervert one!”

Charlie: “Ouch! you keep asking me then you call me pervert.”

Me: “kekeke” I rub his arm to make up for my harsh teasing.

The conversation began to veer towards what makes my picture appealing to him and Charlie began to describe how he likes the curve of my body shape and even open up some other girl’s profile to compare and tell me how much I look better than them. Charlie also described how some of my expression makes him sexually aroused.

The atmosphere went from awkward to friendly chit chat laced with some flirting. I pop a mint candy into my mouth. Charlie protest that I didn’t share my sweets with him. I open up the candy box only to find out that I ate the last piece of sweet.

Me: “Charlie…” I whispered…

Charlie turn around and I immediately grabbed his face with both my hands and planted a deep kiss on his lips. I did not take long before Charlie began to accept my kissing and opened his lips slightly. I began to french him and used my tongue to push the mint candy into his mouth.


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Conquering Charlie Chaste part 7

The mere memories of Charlie’s confession was no longer enough as I get closer to orgasm. I began to imagine Charlie fucking me, I imagine Charlie holding my legs wide apart as he thrust his cock into me… oh my dear handsome Charlie… I worked my fingers till they nearly cramped and finally I cummed!!! My body was stiff, both feet tip toed, my hands froze at where they were and my mind reluctantly returned to reality…

I slump down on the bed panting. I adjusted my t shirt and shorts while still being careful not to alert LL. I made my way to the ladies stealthily to make sure that I did not wake up anyone along the way. I cleaned up myself and slept a happy girl.

The following morning no one teased me or Charlie any more. However due to the awkwardness lingering from the night before, we avoided each other. We didn’t speak to each other after the incident for a full month.

Fast forward a month later…

Charlie message me for some talk to break the ice. Our chat started out awkward and slow but soon we were poking fun at each other. We arrange for a sleep over session at Charlie’s place. Sleep over session at Charlie’s place to watch horror movie was one of our favorite get together activity. We usually have our sleepover session whenever Charlie’s parent went overseas for work. They are business owners so overseas purchasing business trip were common to them.

Charlie used to live in a spacious 4 room flat in the west.

When I arrived at Charlie’s house at 6pm YT who was already in Charlie’s house opened the door for me. Usually there would be quite a few of us during such sleep over gathering but unfortunately most of them was busy with part time jobs so there were only 3 of us. It was a sleep over so I wore comfortably, I was wearing a baby blue tank top and a pair of FBT shorts. We ordered fast food which we ate while seated on the living room sofa and had lots of fun cracking jokes at cheesy Mediacorp drama on TV together.

When night fall we went into Charlie’s room to prepare for a horror . Charlie gave YT and I his bed while he set up a sleeping bag with some blankets on the floor beside his bed to cushion himself from the cold and hard floor. Charlie turn the air con to a cold 20 degree celsius and turn off the light. Charlie played a horror movie on his computer, the movie was about a serial killer hunting a group of teenagers in the middle of the desert. Charlie’s computer was on a table at the edge of his bed. It was set up that way so that he could use his computer while still seated on his bed.

YT and I sat on Charlie’s bed and cuddle together under his thick comforter. The 3 of us glued our eyes on the monitor screen as the heroine get chase around a farmhouse by the serial killer. I even accidentally drop a piece of potato chip on Charlie’s bed, luckily Charlie was too engrossed in the movie to notice that :p

“Ring!!! Ring!!! Ring!!!” The 3 of us jumped at the sound of the sudden loud blaring ring tone. YT scrambled to pick up her phone as Charlie pause the movie to wait for YT to finish her phone call.

YT: “outside lo”
(Person on the other side of the phone): … (Inaudible)
YT: “at a friend’s house la…”
(Person on the other side of the phone): …(Inaudible)
YT: “have… just one…it’s his house… but Shirley also here…”
(Person on the other side of the phone): “YOU GO HOME NOW!!!”

Even though YT did not turn up the volume of her phone or switch the phone to speaker mode we could hear what he was saying very clearly as he was shouting at the top of his voice. In fact he was shouting so loud that YT was conversing with him while holding the phone at quite a distance to her face.

YT: “so unfair lo… you go out I also never say you…” YT replied meekly.
YT (sobbing): “okok… I’m going home now…” YT was crying as she ended the call.

Apparently that guy just called YT was YT’s then new boyfriend Jay. I later found out that Jay was an extremely jealous guy who burst into violent fury whenever YT was around any guy. Of course YT staying overnight at Charlie’s home made Jay very very angry. Although Charlie had no intention of stealing YT from Jay but Charlie was after all a male and a handsome male at that. Jay was YT’s first boyfriend and so she treasured him a lot. YT love Jay so much so that she was extremely submissive to his command, most of the time she would not even bother to reason with him whenever he threw a tantrum instead YT would simply just did as she was told.

A quick glance at the clock reveal that the time was already close to midnight so Charlie and I accompanied YT downstairs to flag a cab to send her home. A sobbing YT apologize to us for spoiling our fun before reluctantly went flagging a cab to get home. With YT gone the Charlie’s house was only occupied by the two of us. Charlie and I went back to his room to continue with the horror movie. As I no longer have YT to share the comforter with I felt very cold even though I wrapped myself up like a cocoon with the comforter.


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Benson’s “big brother” Bernard part 2

When we were outside we found outside a place to sit down to chit chat I took a seat at a nearby chair, beside me was Benson and opposite of me was Bernard. I realize that Bernard was looking at my direction in a dazed expression. I looked around trying to find the focus of his gaze and to my shock…

Bernard was looking at the area between my legs peeping at my panties. I quickly cross my legs to prevent Bernard from seeing my panties as it was a piece of open crotch panties and Bernard would have been able to see my naked pussy.

Upon noticing me crossing my legs Bernard shift his gaze from between my legs to look at my face. Even though I was looking at him directly Bernard did not look away but instead smirked arrogantly at me. I thought to myself, “what audacity! I’m Benson’s girlfriend! Have he no shame?!” Knowing that Bernard will not be averting his gaze any time soon I looked away to avoid his leery gaze.

After the smoking break was over we went back into the club for some intensive binge drinking. I was very high and suggested to Benson that we go to the dance floor to waste some energy away. I reached out to hold Benson’s hand but as I was quite drunk I didn’t get a firm grip on Benson’s hand and his finger slip through mine but nonetheless I went straight for the dance floor knowing that Benson will be right behind me. I squeezed my way into the middle of the dance floor and my body grooved to the heart thumping music.

I felt a pair of hand holding my waist, I figured out Benson had finally found his way to me on the dance floor. I leaned back to rest my back on Benson’s chest. Our body gravitate in sync with the rhythm of the music. Benson stuck his bulge so deeply into my ass crack I could feel the coarseness of his zip. I snuck my right hand behind my back tracing Benson’s abs downward to caress his cock from outside his jeans. My pussy was wet as I began to imagine the surprise on Benson’s face when he see the thong that I was wearing that night.

However to my horror I saw Benson pushing pass the dance floor crowd, walking straight towards me. I thought to myself “If my boyfriend is in front of me then who is hugging me from behind?” I turn around in panic to see a male stranger behind me. He kissed me on my lips, I was shocked by his action and so did not immediately pull off.

I felt a suddenly yank on my shoulder and fell forward on my hands and knees. I looked up and even the dim lighting could not hide Benson’s fuming expression on his face. Benson punched the guy who was hugging me from behind on his face and while doing so loss his own balance. Needless to say a brawl ensued in the middle of the dancing floor between Benson and that guy.

Very soon a group of bouncers came and grab the two of them as if they were rag dolls, drag them to the exit and threw them out of the club. I quickly went to our table and alert our friends that Benson was in trouble. Upon exiting the club we saw that Benson had started fighting that guy started fighting again. I tug the sleeve of Bernard’s shirt to get him to help Benson. By then that guy’s friends had also came out of the club Bernard held Benson back and pulled him towards our group. Both group of guys started shouting vulgarities at each other until some one from among the other group shouted, “eh I think they scare la call police already!” and they quickly make their escape by rushing across the road waving their hands in the air frantically trying to flag for cab. We look around and saw a police car pass by heading further down the road. Turns out none of us called the police, the police car was merely passing by and did not even manage to spot the fight.

I turn my attention to Benson to see how he was doing but what he did next shocked me. Benson turn to me and shouted in my face ,”fuck off you dirty slut!”



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Benson’s “big brother” Bernard part 1

Benson never found out about what happened between me and Wei Liang at the chalet, he was not the smartest boyfriend I had. In fact he was rather stupid, maybe it was a typical Ah Beng trait.

During the period when I was in a relationship with Benson one of the most frequent activity we took part together in was to go clubbing as a couple. I find it quite silly for us as a couple to go clubbing together as most of the time Benson and his friends would usually get into fight when I or another girlfriend of one of his group of brothers got approached by guys from other group. The night will usually end with both of us going back to his home together follow by me rubbing ointment oil on Benson’s body to ease the bruising  on his body. Benson will usually grab me as I apply ointment to his body, he would stare into my eyes as if he was some hardcore Yakuza or Gu Wat Zai (Hong Kong gangster), I would return his stares with puppy eye admiration for his supposed bravery and we would end up having hot sex in his room. Sex after Benson’s fight are some of the best sex I had with him, seeing my boyfriend being jealous of other guys touching me was such a turn on that I had to reward him lasciviously with my wet pussy each time after he fought someone who tried to get touchy with me.

I didn’t ask but maybe Benson got into so many fights during clubbing was just so that we can have gangster-ism inspired sex after his fights :p

Among Benson’s friend was Bernard, his so called “big brother”. Bernard was present during most group outing as he was the unofficial leader of the group who decide on where to go and what to do next. Bernard was at least 175cm tall with a head full of bright golden spikey hair, squarish face, single eye lid large eyes, bushy eye brow, thick lips, broad nose and puffy cheeks. Most people would consider Bernard to be fat as he had an obvious round tummy that protrude much further than his chest but Bernard being the egoistic person he was never allowed his friends to call him fat, he had decided by his own definition that he just had big bones *roll eyes*.

During one fateful night during our group routine clubbing night out we went to our favorite clubbing spot at near Vivo City again. Including Benson and I there was about 7 of us. Benson’s 2 other friend brought their girlfriend along too so Bernard was the only one that was not a couple. I was dressed in a black coloured white stripe bodycon off shoulder cotton dress that ends at just about half of my thigh. underneath my dress I was wearing a pair of nu bra and a piece of open crotch thong because I was planning on rewarding Benson if he got into another fight for me again. Mindy was wearing a white blouse with black and red checkered flare skirt. Claire was wearing just a loose T-shirt and jeans, I felt that she look rather out of place among the 3 of us. Maybe she was trying to stay safe from harassment from guys… very very safe.

We reached the place and got to skip the queue as Bernard knew of some VIP members inside. Once inside we were surrounded by loud music and hot bodies…some not so hot just sweaty :p The place was packed to the brim full of good looking people!!! I like crowded places, more handsome guys for me to look at and more guys to ogle at me.Once inside we were led to a table reserved for Bernard by his friend, his friend a rich ah beng came to our table to say hello and bump fist with Bernard. After saying some cheesy party lines he went back to his friends but not before taking some time to leer at us girls from head to toe. In between drinks and dance we would head out so that the smokers could smoke a cigarette or two before heading back.

When we were outside we found outside a place to sit down to chit chat I took a seat at a nearby chair, beside me was Benson and opposite of me was Bernard. I realize that Bernard was looking at my direction in a dazed expression. I looked around trying to find the focus of his gaze and to my shock…

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Conquering Charlie Chaste part 6

Instinctively my hands went to the part of my body that I can steadily touch directly, skin to skin, without damaging any of my clothing…

My right hand unbutton the button of my shorts and proceed to discreetly pull down the zip on my shorts. I slipped my right hand warily into my purple polkadot panties. I began to touch my pussy fantasizing about Charlie doing naughty things to me. My middle finger tip found itself on my clitoris, rubbing it in circular motion.

As I was facing LL with my back I was not able see whether she has been awaken by my movement. All I could do was to listen carefully for any sound or movement from coming LL, my fingers froze at the slightest movement or sound coming from LL. Rather than deterring me, the fear of being discovered made it more exciting for me. Love juice escaping from my pussy formed a watery membrane at the entrance of my pussy lips ready to burst and wet my panties at the slightest stimulation.

My middle finger left my clitoris and punctured the watery membrane formed by my love juice. Eagerly wriggling my middle finger into my pussy, I fingered myself with my slender finger while thinking of Charlie’s handsome face. I imagine that I was having a foreplay with Charlie and it was his finger fingering me. Memories of Charlie’s shy expression earlier in the day while confessing to fantasizing about me gave me great sexual satisfaction.

As much as I wanted to remove my bra and squeeze my breast I was not able to because that would surely wake LL from her sleep. I pulled up my T-shirt to expose my bra clad breast, the cold air-con made them more sensitive despite my left hand not being able to grab them to my full satisfaction. To prevent my moans from waking LL I bit on the bottom of my T-shirt in order muffle my moans. I was breathing heavily…my middle finger was going in and out of my pussy steadily…

I could felt my orgasm coming and knew that I must let it go, let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore. I took a quick peek to make sure that LL was still sound asleep. I gave my shorts and panties a quick pull and left my shorts and panties hanging on my left ankle. I am a girl that treasure my bra I usually take precaution not to damage my bra during sex but that night I gripped hard at my boobs… not giving a damn whether my bra will be out of shape… I could always buy a new bra but I couldn’t stop myself from giving in to the urge to cum… the urge to touch myself… the urge to think about Charlie while touching myself…

My legs was spread wide like an upside down V shape while I fingered my pussy to a frenzy. I instinctively arched my back to receive more sensation from the fingering, my body felt strained as I forced it to maintain that arch position like a seasoned yogis, had LL woke up at that precise moment I would surely have been able to easily convince her that I was possess by a demonic entity into stripping myself 🙂

The mere memories of Charlie’s confession was no longer enough as I get closer to orgasm. I began to imagine Charlie fucking me, I imagine Charlie holding my legs wide apart as he thrust his cock into me… oh my dear handsome Charlie… I worked my fingers till they nearly cramped and finally I cummed!!! My body was stiff, both feet tip toed, my hands froze at where they were and my mind reluctantly returned to reality…

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Conquering Charlie Chaste part 5

Previously: Tired from crying I went to sleep hugging the pillow close to my face leaving only a tiny gap for me to breathe through.

I woke up in the middle of the night… The room was dimly lit up by the moonlight and the street light shining through the curtain. The girls were all sleeping soundly. I could hear loud snoring coming from LL who was sleeping beside me, who could have thought a pretty girl like her could snore so loudly kekeke.

I laid on my back staring at the ceiling, memories of what happened last evening started to fill my mind. Recalling my male bestie Charlie confessing that he had sexual fantasy about me brought a smile to my face.

Did Charlie ever use me as the focus of his masturbation?

I remembered instances where I suspect Charlie was looking into my top when standing right beside me and talking to me. Initially I brushed it off as occasional instances of guys trying to sneak a peek whenever the chance present itself. After that particular confession I realize Charlie may have been trying to collect with his eyes memories of my cleavage for his nocturnal exercise.

Since Charlie had a girlfriend back then did he fantasize about me because he felt that I was more attractive than his girlfriend?

The thought of Charlie fantasizing about me sexually despite having a girlfriend brought about a sense of superiority in me. I know I shouldn’t feel that way but… it felt real good…

A warmth sensation began to emanate from within my bosom, the sensation eventually spread throughout my entire body. My body felt like it was on fire. I had a burning urge to touch myself to snuff the horny fire that was burning uncontrollably between my legs.

Knowing that any sudden movement might wake LL who was sleeping beside I tried to calm myself down by lifting up my white T shirt exposing my flat tummy and a little bit of my under boobs covered by my pink bra. The cold air contacting my tummy made me cooled me down a little. The cold air from the aircon in the chalet bedroom reminded me of the good old days when Charlie and I would lean against each other shoulder to shoulder to withstand the cold aircon of the classroom. I could still vividly remember the kinky forbidden sensation when our fingers touched when passing lecture notes to each other… those few seconds felt like forever. I knew Charlie felt the same way I felt from the look in his eyes. Even though everyone thought of us as a pair of platonic best friend but deep down I knew that it was unconsummated love that we had.

As my mind was occupied with reminiscing those bitter sweet moment my hands started to roam my breast from outside my bra. I know I should not be doing what I was doing but it felt too good to stop. I needed sex… but my boyfriend was not around to fuck me. Had my boyfriend been there that night I could have gotten sex from him while imagining that it was Charlie fucking me.

There was no other option other than satisfying myself. I rolled to the side so that my back was facing LL, I grabbed and squeezed my breast through my bra. There was only so much comfort I could gain from touching myself while being hampered by a layer of fabric. I wanted to rub my nipples so much but was unable to do from the top as it was ergonomically impossible. To reach my nipples from the bottom was not possible without pulling down and damaging my pink bra, I liked my brightly colored pink bra I still wanted to wear it for many days ahead. Damaging my bra was out of the question. I could not risk LL waking up to see me caressing myself so taking off my bra was not an option.

Instinctively my hands went to the part of my body that I can steadily touch directly, skin to skin, without damaging any of my clothing…

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Conquering Charlie Chaste part 4

Previously: Seeing as there was no other way out of his situation but to give in to our sadistic demand Charlie relented. Charlie’s eyes stared hard at the floor in front of him as he lifted his right hand with his index finger slightly more straighten than the rest of his curled up fingers. Charlie’s right hand hovered about a little before finding his target and stopping with his index finger pointing at me…

Instantly I felt my face flushed red due to the shock and embarrassment that one of my best friend fantasize about having sex with me. I tried to turn around and see if someone was behind me and Charlie might have been pointing at her.. or even a him maybe. But my friends around me just held me in place by grabbing my shoulders and someone shouted,”no need to turn around already! Charlie is pointing at you!” everyone was making fun of the two of us. One of our male friend even exclaim out loud that no wonder Charlie was always around me as he must have been following me around to leer at me. I kept trying to defer attention away by suggesting that Charlie merely made up a lie to escape the forfeit but my explanation was immediately drown out boos and jeer by our rowdy bunch of classmates.

I observed that Charlie was showing sign of being uncomfortable with the endless teasing from our friends. Charlie basically just sat there arms folded, eyes narrowed complete with an intense frown on his forehead. I was sure it was only moments away before Charlie’s embarrassment will eventually take a sharp turn into anger as wrinkle began to accumulate on his handsome forehead but I was unable to do much to alleviate the situation as I was having my fair share of shaming by our classmates.

Luckily for Charlie and I our class clown T came to the rescue. T still in his boxers stood up on the sofa seat, shouted “ATTENTION PLEASE!” and flailed his hands in the air wildly. Everyone quiet down to looked at T trying to figure out why he wanted our attention so much. T with his hands by his waist looked around the room with a serious look on his face.

“I have something to confess” T exclaimed. Everyone was puzzled at T’s sudden voluntary confession despite not keeping picked by anyone. Someone shouted at him ,”you *siao ah? so eager to sabo yourself”. T undeterred took a deep breath and said calmly, “I fantasize about Shirley too! In fact I just masturbated in the bathroom just now thinking about her in her bikini this afternoon. In fact I shot my sperm all over the toilet seat.” T finish his confession with a nod while looking at me as if trying to show me some form of weird salutation. Everyone was booing T for his disgusting confession, the booing was interrupted with our male classmate Joe suddenly shouting “wait wait wait! T did you went into the toilet before me?” T replied ,”yes and then?” Joe blinked his eye a few time and said, “I sat on the toilet seat without wiping it…” T cheekily replied, “you sat on my children”. Joe jumped at T and force him into a wrestling submission move by sitting on T’s back while grabbing his legs and bending them towards himself. The rest of the guys join in the fun by asking T if he wanted to give up. T defiantly shouted, “IT IS HUMAN NATURE TO MASTURBATE!!!”

All thanks to T everyone’s attention was diverted away from Charlie and I. I took the chance to sneak back into went into the room that I shared with the girls for some quiet moment away from all the ruckus. J came into the room shortly after. When J asked me if I was okay I buried my face into a nearby pillow that I manage to grab hold of I was too ashamed to face anyone, tears stream down my face as I sobbed into the pillow. I heard the LL and the others chattering away as they enter the room. The girls started consoling me when they realize I was crying, YT said to me “aiya… don’t care about those boys la all they think about is sex only. I know you must have felt hurt by them objectifying you as a sex symbol… don’t cry le okay?” YT gave my back a comforting pat as she finish her sentence.

Actually… I don’t know about how others would feel but I was not affected by the guys fantasizing about me, I mean… the fact that they actually find me sexually attractive is something that I find positive and felt was a solid confirmation of my feminine charm :p    I was only crying because the guys teasing made me felt degraded and I was powerless. The endless teasing felt like bullying.

A roar of “DO YOU TAP OUT?!” echoed into our room as YT opened the door of our room to go back out into the leaving room. YT must have left the door open as I could hear her scolding the guys, “you all stop playing la! Now Shirley is crying in the room you all happy already la?!”… there was silence. I heard the sound of many foot steps coming into the room. In disorganized unison the guys apologized to me by saying together “Sorry Shirley… we should not tease you…”. I did not want them to see my crying face so I wave them off with my right hand while still covering my face with the pillow. YT ushered them out of the room after their apology, “go go go! go back to your room to masturbate one another!” On their way I could still hear the guys bickering,”all your fault la Charlie… horny bastard…” *roll eyes*

Tired from crying I went to sleep hugging the pillow close to my face leaving only a tiny gap for me to breathe through.



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