Benson’s big brother Bernard part 6

Bernard slipped his hands beneath my bum to pull me slightly towards him so that my pussy is now at an angle facing him. Bernard lapped at my pussy with his rough tongue, I could feel the soreness of the surface of his tongue in my pussy. Bernard used his hand to spread my pussy so that his tongue can penetrate deeper into my pussy. It felt good, it was as if he was tongue fucking me. He had a method of stiffening his tongue as his strong neck thrust his large head forward to tongue fuck me with his wet, soft but strong tongue.

Me : oh… my… yes yes… you are so good Ber…

Bernard pushed forward until his lips are completely sealed with my pussy lips and his tongue completely gone from sight. Bernard twist and turn his tongue which is now fully embedded in my pussy. I sloughed down on the bed, both legs on tip toed to push my crotch further into his face and held his golden hair in tight grip as a sense of hedonistic rapture sets in.

Muffled moans escape my mouth even as a I tried to cover my mouth with my hand. Bernard released my well licked pussy from his mouth. He began to kiss and lick my body, starting from my inner thigh. He gave small pecks and light nips on my inner thigh while I sat up admiring Bernard working on my body. Bernard gave me a cat bath with his tongue, making his way up from my thigh to my belly and finally stopping at my boobs.

Bernard opened his mouth wide to take in my one of my boobs into his mouth as though he was eating a bun. He would also grab and play around with my boobs with his rough hand as though my boobs was his private sexual play dough. I could feel a torrent of suction within his mouth as if he was trying to extract milk from my breast, inside his mouth his nasty tongue slides around and across my areola and nipple using a mix of his saliva and my love juice in his mouth as lubrication to massage my breast.

Finally Bernard completed his sexual odyssey of the sinful abode that is my body and kisses his way up my neck. I quickly pulled him in for an intense tongue fight. My boobs pressed hard on his chest as our body intertwine in an erotic embrace like two horny snakes who can never get enough of each other. He slid both his hand behind my back to push me against him as his simultaneously grabbed both my ass cheeks in and squeezed down hard on them. Using his right hand he parted my ass cheeks as his left hand played with my pussy from behind by lighting fingering my pussy.

I returned the favor by sliding one of my hand down to unzip his shorts and the other to sneak into his boxers. I grabbed hold of his raw dick and stroked it up and down in synchronism with his fingering of my pussy.

I pushed both his shorts and boxers all the way down and threw them off the bed, at the same time I also removed the T-shirt as there was nothing that Bernard had not seen.

We broke away from the french kissing and foreplay and stared at each other with lustful glare.

Bernard’s dick is in full glory. It was around 8 inches but it was special that it was thick and rough looking and full of veins. I reach out to stroke it as Bernard sat with his hand positioned behind his back as support and his legs spread out in a V shape. I sat cross legged across him and continued to stroke his strong erected cock up and down with my tiny hand.

Bernard : So… what now?

Having been lead on by Bernard throughout the whole night I was rather surprised that he needed my advice for what to do next.

I placed the pillow aligned to the center of the bed behind me and laid down on my back with my legs spread in missionary position.

Me : I… don’t know.

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Benson’s big brother Bernard part 5

*tears swell up in my eyes again*

Suddenly Bernard reached out to hug me. I rested my head on his shoulder.

Bernard : hush hush… don’t cry ok? I will take care of you.

*Bernard was patting my head*

I lifted my head from his shoulder to get back into my original sitting position to look at Bernard.

Me : What do you mean… you will…

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Benson’s big brother Bernard part 4

Bernard just covered his face with one hand to further dramatize his reaction and continued flaying his meaty arm to pint at his room with more intensity. I was so afraid that his arm will blast off like a rocket arm you see in Saturday morning cartoons.

Me : Ha nah ha nah!

I took a leisure stroll into his room while Bernard hurriedly locked the main gate and came into the room.


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Benson’s big brother Bernard part 3

I turn my attention to Benson to see how he was doing but what he did next shocked me. Benson turn to me and shouted in my face ,”fuck off you dirty slut!”

I realise Benson must have thought I was knowingly dancing with that stranger. I tried to reason with Benson, “dear… listen to me…” I stretch out my hand to touch Benson’s arm as I nervously tried to explain to Benson that it was all a misunderstanding. Benson grabbed my wrist and threw my hand away violently, as I was already quite drunk at that moment the force of his action caused me to fall backward. Luckily a patron behind me held my shoulder to break my fall.

Benson walked turn and walked towards the nearby taxi stand and got into a cab that was waiting at the taxi stand. I could only look on as the taxi disappeared into the horizon. No one was in the mood for any more partying so we decided to head home. Usually at the end of a clubbing night I would either be brought back home by Benson or he will bring me back to his place which usually ended up in sex. So it was a rather odd situation for me to go home that late at night alone.

The rest of them decided that it was unsafe for me to go back alone and as the other two girl had their own boyfriend to accompany them only Bernard was left to accompany me on the cab trip back home.

I looked out of the back passenger seat car window as I did not want Bernard to see my crying face. Knowing Bernard he would relish at the opportunity to make a joke out of my predicament.

My mind swirling with emotion, tears began to swell up in my eyes and eventually rolled down my cheek.

I sobbed a little but tried to keep it pass it off as a sneeze.


I tried to fake a sneeze. I felt some movement behind me, Bernard was shifting his weight around. It was most definitely Bernard fidgeting around to make himself more comfortable, Bernard was known for being hyperactive despite his size.

Suddenly I felt a strong big palm resting on my shoulder. Bernard gave my shoulder a gentle but firm rub.

Me : what lah…?

I asked impatiently.

Bernard removed his hand from my shoulder and flash a piece of tissue in front of my face.

Bernard : don’t cry already lah. You won’t look pretty if you keep crying.

Me : sob sob…

Bernard: argh… tell you what. Tonight don’t go home. Tonight stay at my place first, go home tomorrow after you freshen up. If your mom see you like that then that’s the end for your relationship with Benson. You know she already has a lousy opinion of him.

Bernard: uncle, change location. We go to Tiong Bahru.

I turned around to look at Bernard with my big round eyes now beautified further with tears and natural red eye shadow from crying.

Me : why go your place… I want to stay hotel….

Bernard : young lady you very rich ah? Stay my place lah… so wish washy like an old lady. Many girls want to come still have to ballot 6 month in advance leh.

Me : *giggle* kekeke… orh… whatever you say loh. Sleep separately ah. Say first ah.

Bernard : of course lah! I still have sleeping duties with other girls leh. You think my bullet anyhow use one ah. Wait ah I take out my record book to see when is the next appointment, I think up next is Nancy.

Me : rubbish lah you :p

Bernard’s smooth handling of the situation cheered me up and my heart felt much better. At least for the time being.

I dozed off during the trip. By the time I opened my eyes again we were at the car park below Benard’s place in Tiong Bahru.

*yawn…* I yawned and stretched my body by extending my hands and legs while simultaneously getting out of the cab.

Bernard : wah lao eh close your mouth lah princess or else the flies will think you are trying to give them a blowjob and fly inside your mouth.

And hor… you want to stretch can stretch more ladylike or not? Your stretching looked like a combination between a zombie, a mummy and a cat.

I like your boobs when you stretch though *chuckles*

*tsk* I glared at Bernard.

I sashayed towards the lift lobby leaving Bernard following behind.

I actually did not know which unit Bernard was staying at so I assumed it was the nearest lift lobby.

Bernard : wrong lift lobby lah auntie… walk until so yaya papaya. You still drunk and think you going home right…

Me : I don’t know where you live mah… sickening leh you.

I turned to chase after Bernard with small quick steps as he was walking much faster than usual in a half hearted attempt to leave me behind.

I was cursing in my mind throughout the elevator ride that the gods must have abandoned me if my only savior in my time of need is in the form of fat Bernard.

We reached the level Bernard was staying on. Bernard held onto the lift door and gestured to me to go out of the lift.

Me : Ladies first :p

Bernard : I thought you very familiar and like to walk in front? Go ahead and cat walk to my unit lah.

Bernard led the way after throwing me his sarcastic remarks knowing full well that I do not know his unit.

Bernard : (in low volume) Ms Elephant you need to walk so loudly or not? Where is your cat walking elegance? Left it downstairs ah? Later all my neighbour wake up call police and arrest you for noise pollution then you know.


I slapped Bernard hard on his shoulder.

Me : I’m tired lah… (in deliberate cute voice)

Bernard : (in low volume) wah lao eh… I’m going to sue you for assault.

Me : I got no money, you can take my life if you want.

Bernard : I will take your body… hehehe

Me : you very disgusting leh… *roll eyes*

Eventually we reached Bernard’s unit with both of us still alive. It was a corner HDB 4 room flat.

We took off our shoes and I went in ahead to have a look around Bernard’s place. The lights were off, Bernard’s parents were probably asleep in the master bedroom.

It was a HDB flat that had an 80s vibe. You could tell that the family was comfortable with money as they had DVD players and Hi-Fi set that were probably purchased during the equipment’s heyday.

The furniture were of wooden material complete with checkered cushion, probably to the liking of his middle income parents. I would prefer a modern/minimalist look.

Bernard : (in low volume) oie auntie! You buying house ah? Need to give you unit floor plan or not? Go hide in the room lah…

Bernard was flaying his meaty arms and pointing to his room that was facing the corridor.

Me : no need to greet your parents meh? I’m a well mannered lady leh you bloke.

I spoke with my chin held high, it was a lousy night for me but I was not going to let fat Bernard spoil my reputation.

Bernard just covered his face with one hand to further dramatize his reaction and continued flaying his meaty arm to pint at his room with more intensity. I was so afraid that his arm will blast off like a rocket arm you see in Saturday morning cartoons.

Me : Ha nah ha nah!

I took a leisure stroll into his room while Bernard hurriedly locked the main gate and came into the room.


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Hiatus (Part 6)

Fabae came back and sat beside me. I asked the pub owner for a piece of clean cloth and some ice. I wrapped the ice in the cloth and place it to Fabae’s face gently to ease his swelling from the punch.

Me : are you okay? *I said with a look of concern*

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Hiatus (Part 5)

I hope you enjoy both the sight and sound performance I prepared for you today…. kekeke *giggle*

Xing : wait wait…


I hung up the call.

Xing tried to call me a few more time but I simply set the phone to silence mode and went to sleep. To sleep with a man pining after you is the best kind of beauty sleep, there is a magical property to such mental dedication.

I saw Xing’s message asking me about last night. But I just brush him off with pictures of me flaring my nostril since he was so fixated on my wet nostril :p

*ring ring*

It was Xing calling again.

Xing : yesterday you said you gave me a sight performance… what was that about?

Me : I thought you had a good look while helping me with my shoe lace? now you don’t want to admit?

Xing : oh shit… you saw? I’m very sorry. I did not mean to peep. It was accidental.

Me : of course! I’m not blind. You were admiring my beautiful and white…

Me : Sneakers right?!

Xing : huh… yes yes. I was looking at your sneaker while tying up your shoe lace.

Me : kekeke okay I don’t talk to you already. I’m heading out to buy some mee pok! so hungry (>.<)

I hung up the phone again. It was fun teasing Xing, I bet his was still feeling blue balled from his uncompleted masturbation when he called in the morning.

We both went on with our life and nothing happened much in between. Life was as usual, as Xing and I are not a couple yet and I have no boyfriend in sight to satisfy my sexual needs I had to get it from somewhere.

Enter somewhere.

Or should I say someone.

Meet Fabae, the fantastical combination of Fabulous with Bae.

He is my Friend with benefit or fuck buddy if you wish to be more crude.

Fabae whose real name I shall not reveal is a friend of mine. We met at a pub some years ago, I was in a melancholic state of mind having an existential crisis. While I ponder the purpose life over an overcharged alcoholic drink that I had to pay alcohol tax for I saw a man. A good looking man. Fabae was and is what could be described as if Alexander the Great had a threesome with Wonder Woman and a Nuclear Bomb and baby was the product of the threesome. That baby would be Fabae.

Fabae had a chiseled jaw, chiseled abs, solid chest, toned and shapely arms and… for now I shall keep his penis a secret. He is 180cm tall. Soul piercing eyes, sharp nose and lips the shape of willow leaves. He had just enough stubble to look good and not enough to look unkempt. He had jet black hair mostly in pompadour complete with generous volume and vibrancy.

It was as if Fabae was commissioned by a government and sculpted into existence and not birthed.

Fabae was in a corner of the pub reading his E-book with a solemn look to his face. If a blowjob could lift his mood I would have given him one there and then. I noticed him and would kept taking sneak peek at him for visual pleasure. Out of a sudden Fabae looked up and saw me looking at him.

He placed his E-book down on the table and walked towards me with a big glass of German beer in hand. What a man… he left his E-book on the table without fear of it being stolen.

I looked at him with a nervous but generally innocent look.

Me : yes?

Fabae : “Hi Miss, I have been admiring your from afar the whole night. Sorry that it took me quite some time before I could muster the courage to approach you.” (I later asked if he meant what he said or was he trying to give me a saving grace as I was caught leering at him, Fabae as per Fabae fashion refuse to provide a definitive answer)

Me : oh… okay… *nervously sipping on wine to appear elegant*

I was holding my wine glass with both hand like how a hamster would hold its peanut to munch.

Fabae sat down on the bar stool beside me.

Fabae : Fabae at your service :() *Fabae spoke in a deep baritone voice with every pronunciation on point*

I almost wanted to take out my wallet and get Fabae to provide me with some services on the bar stool. Luckily sanity prevailed. Fabae stretched out his hand for a handshake, I shook his hand in lady handshake and he was nice enough not to use a full grip. I often encounter guys who try to show the firmness in their character by attempting to crush every hand that they shake – lady or not.

Me : Shirley is the name :p. What were you reading? you looked serious. (I happily forgotten that he was suppose to be the freak staring at me the whole evening)

Fabae : ah… that was Moby Dick. When I read I try to full empathize with each character, I imagine myself to be in their shoes, make the choice that they make and live with the consequences of those choice till the end of the road (book). That way I get to live and experience a 1000 life time of happiness and sorrow despite having less than 100 years of life. Captain Ahab just lost his leg, its not a good feeling.

Me : … *sensory shut down after reality altering experience*

There I was wondering about the purpose of life and as fate has it I met a man so full of conviction in his life that he not only want to live his own life to the fullest but he was also able to experience a 1000 different life using his imagination and his big heart.

*sound of glass shattering*

We turned to see 2 group of guys across the street shouting at each other. It seemed like they are in a dispute over some trivial matter. Fabae stepped down from the bar stool ever so gently, you would be forgiven to mistaken him for some elven folk from Lord of the Rings given his elegance agility. Fabae walked towards the group of guys calmly but briskly, German beer in hand I might add.

Fabae stood between the 2 group and spoke to them in seemingly calm manner taking sips of beer in between in an effort to defuse the situation.

“diam diam lah talk so much cock bloody banana!”

A punch landed on Fabae’s face by the guy who was shouting for Fabae to shut up. Fabae took a few step back but did not fall. Fabae did not fight back but simply opened his palm not holding the beer mug to calm the guy down.

“You all stay there! I’m calling the police!”

Shouted the owner of the pub. Fabae walked to the owner of the pub and whispered something into his ear. The owner went back to his bar tending business.

Fabae turned around and approached the 2 groups again. He placed his hand and beer mug on the shoulder of the 2 guys who seem to be leading the conflict.

Whisper was exchanged and this time round everyone left after shaking hand.

Fabae came back and sat beside me. I asked the pub owner for a piece of clean cloth and some ice. I wrapped the ice in the cloth and place it to Fabae’s face gently to ease his swelling from the punch.

Me : are you okay? *I said with a look of concern*


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Hiatus (Part 4)

Previously :  I went home took a shower and sat on my bed thinking of the happy afternoon we spent together.

*Ring! Ring!*

I was jolted out of my sweet recollection of happy time spent with Joey. I squint my eyes, curly eye lashes curling even more in an attempt to see who had the audacity to disrupt my day dream for he or she shall receive the full intensity of my unreasonable wrath.

*answer the call*

Me : hello~ Xing…

Xing : hello Shirley. Hope you had fun today, so sorry that you had to take care of Joey throughout the trip. She had a lot of fun. It has been a long time since she was last so happy, especially after her mom left us. Joey is now taking her nap after showering.

Me : no worries, I had a lot of fun too.  Joey is not difficult to take care of, I used to take care of my younger cousin when I was younger. Was a nice opportunity to flaunt my motherly instinct.

*I gave my boobs a moderate squeeze half expecting milk to squirt out in response to my expanding motherly ego*

Xing : ya… you were indeed flaunting lah… All the uncles looking at you.

Me : I bet they want to spend a fortune hiring me to take care of their children. I would be a good babysitter.

Xing : I mean they were admiring your figure.

Me : oh… I thought I looked quite plain today.

Xing : where got plain… you wore such figure hugging clothes.

Me : zoo keeper theme today mah… need to fit the theme.

Xing : zoo keeper don’t wear…

Me : don’t wear what?

Xing : no lah no lah.

I believe I know what Xing was referring to when he says zoo keeper don’t wear (white lacey g-string).

Me : you are behaving weird. If you don’t tell me I will make you carry me while I carry Joey. We will crush you with our combine weight :p

Xing : wah you all bully me.

*I lifted my fleshy and freshly washed butt off a little to slip my sleeping shorts off*

Me : Xing…*I gasped a little as my free hand rubbed my chit in delicate motion* Thanks for helping me tie my shoelace today… umph…

Xing : I was looking out for Joey lah… you think I care you fall or don’t fall meh… haha (awkward laughter).

Me : still… uh… I need to thank you… ah *I slipped my slim middle finger into my pussy and gave it a few thrust*

My mind was full of Xing’s shy expression when he saw my labia from the gap in the shorts.

I began to imagine grabbing his hair and pulling him to my crotch, I shifted my white shorts with much difficulty it was hugging my butt tightly. Once I conquered the shorts my pussy will be one lacey g-string away from a good lick.

Will Xing push my panties aside to lick my pussy or does he prefer to lick me through the fabric retaining some mystery and dignity for me? But what dignity will I have if I was seen to be enjoying myself being licked on a bench in the zoo in full view of other parents?

I can imagine the lecherous uncles being so jealous of Xing that they turn red fuming with jealousy and bulging anger in their loin. Their fatso wife trying to drag their partner away. In the name of social justice the uncles will whip out their phones to video our lewd act for the whole to see, although I know they will keep the video for their own enjoyment and would have whipped out their dick to masturbate if not for their judging wife.

To make Xing a man worthy of their jealousy I will endure all the name calling, they will call me a slut, take video of my wanton expression and write nasty news about me. I will endure…

Xing : no need to mention it lah… you take care of Joey I take care of you mah…

*I was brought back to reality by Xing*

Me : so nice of you ah. Ah… ah… ah…

*sound of zip being pulled down coming from Xing’s end*

Xing : you sound funny, are you okay?

*dry sloshing sound*

Me : I’m trying to fight the urge to sneeze… uh… ah… ah

Xing : okay okay I’m worried for you. You want me to go over?

*dry sloshing sound intensify with soft slapping sound of flesh slapping against flesh*

Me : no need… ah… ah… need to cum.

I turn my phone to loud speaker and place it between my legs right in front of my wet vagina.

I was squeezing my boobs with one hand and readied my other hand with my middle finger at the entrance of my vagina.

Me : Xing… I’m going to perform something for you that might disgust you… promise not to think of me as a dirty person okay?

Xing : *gulp* I won’t think of you as a dirty person… I promise.

*the sound of wet palm slapping against my groin as my middle finger fucked my overly lubricated pussy echoed across the room into the mobile phone speaker*

I squeezed my boobs hard while keeping my mouth tightly shut to prevent a single  moan from escaping however my slow breathing cannot be contained.

Me : hmph… hmph… hmph! Hmph! Hmph!! HMPH!!!

*loud trashing, slapping, intense sloshing sound came from Xing’s end*

Me : Xing… I’m done with my performance… I was digging my really wet nose for you just now. Please forgive my dirty performance…

I hope you enjoy both the sight and sound performance I prepared for you today…. kekeke *giggle*

Xing : wait wait…


I hung up the call.

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Hiatus (part 3)

Previously : Xing and Joey has been living together ever since, with Xing acting as both mother and father to young Joey.
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Hiatus (part 2)

Previously: Xing: let’s talk some other day. It was nice chatting with you.

I think might have accidentally stumbled upon a wrong topic…

I had forgotten that he was a divorcee and made a joke out of it.

The following day I message Xing  to apologize as I was afraid that I might have hurt his feeling by asking about his wife. After some chit chat we gradually open up to each other and I told him why I was renting a room rather than staying with my parents while he told me about the circumstances leading to his current situation.

Apparently Xing’s wife Janice left him and Joey after she had an affair with a guy she knew online. According to Xing, Janice dreamt of a Korean idol drama kind of life. To Janice to be average is to suffer, she yearn to have an exciting life saturated with unhealthy dose of melodrama and climax.

Taking care of Joey was never her priority,she felt that Xing and Joey doomed her to a life of motherhood. Janice lusted for the excitement of courtship again. When she did not get her fill from Xing she decided to get it from other man. She downloaded a dating app, soon she was addicted to it. Janice would spend almost every minute she have on her mobile phone. The app provided her with attention from other man, attention that Xing a dutiful father could not provide.

Janice began to go out frequently, whenever Xing question her whereabouts she would become aggressive and accuse Xing of not trusting her.

Gradually Xing found out that Janice was meeting another man at budget hotel during weekend afternoon. Janice would often claim that she was out shopping with her friends.

Xing confronted Janice over the matter after he sent Joey to her grandparent’s place. Janice was once again on her way out of her house for “shopping”.

Xing : you are going out again? Bugis or Geylang?

Janice : what do you mean? I’m going to town to shop with my friends.

Xing : I know you are cheating on me, on us. You are cheating on our family!

Janice : *roll eyes* stop being so melodramatic. I’m sick and tired of the two of you. All Joey does is cry and all you do is work and work, if you aren’t working you are spending time with Joey. What about me? I am your wife!  It has almost been a year since we last had sex. You don’t give a shit about me! If you can’t give me the love I deserve then I will find it someone who does! And oh… he does love me, very deeply I might add!

Xing : I spent all my time and energy on this family and all you can think of is some sexual attention? You are a failure as a wife and mother!

Janice : I might fail as a wife and mother but you sure is a failure of a lover! I’m going out now and the next time I’m back I will be back with my boyfriend to pick up my things.

Janice left their flat and did not went back for 3 days. Xing decided to move to his parent’s place with Joey to avoid an ugly confrontation.

About a week after Xing went back to the flat and found out that Janice have taken her belongings with her and moved out of the flat. Xing moved back with Joey and changed the lock of the flat.

Janice demanded for a divorce so that she can officially marry her boyfriend.

Xing and Joey has been living together ever since, with Xing acting as both mother and father to young Joey.

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Hiatus (part 1)

Hello everyone,

I known I have not been updating my secret diary for some time… I would like to say sorry to all of you for going MIA during for the past year. The past year was a roller coaster ride emotionally. I found what I thought was true love only to lose it eventually…

If you will still lend me your heart and spare me a bit of your love please read on.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in late 2016, I decided to go to AMK Hub for lunch and enjoy some much needed aircon. It was a hot day so I decided to go light on the clothing, I wore a lime green tank top with a tight pair of black cotton shorts. Did not want to bring any bag so I held my wallet in hand stuff my hand phone in my back pocket.

After lunch I decided to go to the ladies. On my way there I heard crying coming from the direction of the ladies, I saw a man in his mid thirty carrying his crying daughter.

The man was 1.7m medium build in his thirties with neatly combed side parting hair. He was of slightly above average look and bespectacled. He was wearing his green NS* singlet with a pair of light grey bermudas complete with a pair of blue crocs.  Not very fashionable I would say.

*National Service

His daughter is another matter altogether. The young toddler looks to be between 2 to 3 years old. She was wearing a baby pink t shirt with a denim jacket and hot pink skirt complete with cute little pink glossy boots. Even though she was crying loudly she still look very cute to me. She has a very cute face with baby chubby cheek that I so want to pinch. Last of all she was sporting a bob hair just like me (^~^)

They were standing outside the handicap toilet, I have no idea what was the issue with the 2 of them. I proceed to the ladies to do my ladies business. When I came out of the ladies they were still outside the handicap toilet. The daughter was still crying loudly. There was already a group of auntie gathering around to see what the commotion was all about. I was curious and so stayed around a bit to see how the situation will develop. The father was trying hard to console his daughter and I overhead him saying, “wait… just wait a short while.” After a few minute I could no longer stand watching the young baby girl continue to crying.

I pluck up my courage to approach the father and daughter pair and spoke to the man.

Me: Hi, my name is Shirley. May I know what is happening and if I can be of any help?

Bespectacled guy: my daughter wants to use the toilet but it is currently occupied.

He gesture to the handicap toilet.

Me: you can bring him to gents? She is a kid should be okay.

Bespectacled guy: she is shy and I don’t want her to see their… you know what…

Me: oh I see… In that case why don’t I bring her to the ladies?

Bespectacled guy: really? That’s great! Joey, go with jiejie to toilet okay? She will bring you in.

Me: *I stretch out my hand to lead the baby girl to the ladies* come, Joey, Jiejie bring you to toilet okay?

Bespectacled guy: Joey,  be a good girl and go with jiejie.

Joey stop stop crying to look at me with her big round eyes. She reluctantly stretch out her hand for me to hold. Keeping to the pace of her small foot step I brought Joey to the ladies. I used to take care of my younger cousin when they stayed over at our place so I had no problem taking care of Joey. Joey did her business quickly and I carried her to reach the basin to wash her hand, we left the ladies after drying her hand.

When we saw her father again Joey walked briskly to approach her father. Joey did not let go of my hand even as we walk towards her father. Upon reaching her father I tried to hand Joey to her father but she would not let go of my hand. Her father and I exchange a confuse look. Joey’s father squat down to speak to her while ruffling her hair. Joey mumbled something inaudible to her father with her back facing me.

I looked at her father and gave him a what is it? look with my raised nicely trimmed eyebrow.

Joey’s father: she said thank you.

I place my hand on Joey’s shoulder to gently nudge her to turn around to face me. Joey tried to burrow her face into her father’s chest to avoid me but her father held her in place to prevent her from doing so. We manage to turn Joey around to face me and I spoke softly, “Joeyyy… what did you just say?”

Joey: … th…you…

Joey’s father: Joey you must speak loud enough for people to hear you.

Joey:……… y…ou.

Me: I think it’s okay don’t force her la… *I patted Joey on the top of her head lightly* anyway my task here is done so I will be on my way.

I turn to walk away while occasionally turning around to steal glance at Joey who eventually left the safety of her father’s chest to look at me leaving with her cute puppy eye.

Life went back to mundane normality until a fateful rainy day.

It was about 1 month since I last saw Joey and her father. I was on my way out to meet a friend Caleb for a date, he was a potential boyfriend material introduced by a mutual friend. For the date I wore a 1 piece yellow dress with flowery imagery, the front of the dress covers me up decently showing minimum skin at my chest.  It was a dress with a slightly flared skirt that ends just slightly below my knee. The magic of the dress is due to the fact that it was a bareback dress. The opening stops about an inch below where my bra strap should be. Not one to spoil the dress I wore only a pair of nu bra that day.

It was a cold evening, the sun has almost set. I was already 15 minutes late even before I started my journey. I whipped out my phone from my Burberry handbag and fired up Grab. 3 minutes later my ride arrived at the sheltered pick up point at my block. I entered the vehicle and sat on the front passenger seat. It was the seat that I always took if I am alone because I understand that most private hire drivers prefer not to be seen as chauffeur ferrying people around.

To my surprise the driver was Joey’s father. Immediately we burst into a spontaneous loud “HELLO!!!” in unison. Both of us found it an incredible coincidence to have met a second time under such circumstances. We began chit chat during the journey and I found out that his name was Xing. He was in his mid thirties. Joey was 3 years old, she was being babysat at his mom’s place so Xing had free time to earn some extra buck that night. Feeling curious about his wife, Joey’s mom I  blurted out my question.

Me: So… you don’t have to accompany your wife?

Xing: we are divorced…

Me: sorry for asking.

Xing: it’s okay.

We did not chat much after my rude question. Feeling cold and shivering I began hugging my handbag tightly. Xing notice me fidgeting around in my seat and asked if the air con was too cold. I shifted my body a little to show Xing my bareback to justify why I was feeling cold. Xing’s eyes widen and I could see that he was pleased with what he was seeing. Xing quickly averted his gaze and increased the aircon temperature for me. Due to the heavy rain outside I was still feeling cold. When we reached the next traffic light Xing release his seat belt to remove his hoodie and gave it to me as a jacket to keep me warm. I could faintly smell Xing on his hoodie, it was not an unpleasant smell, I liked it. Maybe it was due to the warmth from his hoodie our conversation began to warm up too and we started to talk about our work, our hobby and eventually found out that we lived nearby in Ang Moh Kio which was why I was assigned to him when I used Grab. Xing was a very humorous guy who made a lot of quirky joke during the journey. All the laughing warmed my heart and left me in a much more chirpy mode than when I left for the date earlier that day.

When we reached my destination in town I gave Xing back his hoodie. Before I left, Xing offered to come back and fetch me back home after my date. Xing meant for the offer as gratitude for my help previously. I politely decline as I had expected Caleb to send me back after our date but still took down Xing’s number. Xing was gentleman enough to exit the vehicle and open the car door for me so that I did not have to struggle getting down the vehicle in my dress and high heels.

I met Caleb for dinner at a restaurant. He praised me for I looking good in my dress and I thanked him for his compliment. Caleb was not to shabbily dressed himself,  he was wearing a white shirt with a pair of skinny jeans complete with a pair of light brown leather shoes. 6.5/10 for fashion sense.

Thorough out the dinner Caleb kept talking almost non-stop. I knew that he was trying to get the conversation going but the feeling I got was not one of pleasant humour but more like he was trying too hard to impress. I tried my best to laugh at his joke but was not able to do much beyond squeezing my facial muscle together to produce a fake smile and my laughter that were way off timing. Caleb seemed to believe that I was genuinely impressed with his jokes. I was not sure if it was a habit or Caleb was over enthusiastic to impress but he often spoke with his mouth full of food. 3/10 for charming personality.

After the dinner we went to collect the movie tickets at Golden Village. Caleb deliberately took only a single straw for a cup of drink that we were suppose to share. When I looked at him with questioning eye he smiled sheepishly,  I took a sip before he had the chance to and did not drink from the straw again.

Settling down in our seat Caleb placed the drink on his side of the chair. I was wondering why he did not placed it in between us as it would have been easier to share the drink that way. I found out shortly before the movie began. The lights were dimming in preparation for the movie to be shown Caleb shifted up the seat handle separating our seats to make it a couple seat. I immediately placed my handbag between us to prevent him from closing in on me. I am not a woman to shy away from physical intimacy with my partner, conversely I enjoy skinship. BUT there needs to be chemistry, it should not be something that you attempt to sneak in just when the lights were dimming. Respect for female 4/10.

Thorough out the movie Caleb kept trying to move closer to me, occasionally he even attempt to hold my hand. In reaction I moved away from him. Caleb was in fact pushing me towards the guy on my left with his constant invasion of my personal space. I barely remembered what the movie was about as I had to spend all my effort avoiding contact with Caleb.

After the movie Caleb offered to send me back but I politely decline as  I could not bear to be around him any longer. It was at that moment I remembered Xing’s offer. I informed Caleb that I will be using Grab to get a ride back. I called Xing and told him that if it was not too much of a trouble I would like to engage his service to drive me back. Caleb accompanied me to wait for Xing to arrive.

When Xing arrived he once again exit his vehicle to open the car door for me while Caleb merely stood there waving his hand to say goodbye. I gesture for Caleb to come near the car and thank him for the date, to my shock he was leaning in for a kiss. I dart back into the safety of the car leaving him stranded in awkwardnes.

During the journey back Xing asked me how was the date and I went into full complain mode and told him all my unhappiness with how the date went. Most man I know will take advantage of such situation to boast how much better they could have done if they had been my date. Xing was different, he suggested that maybe Caleb was too nervous due to his inexperience and his nervousness would have been due to his eagerness to please me. His smile was full of manly charm when he analyst the details of the date. By that point in time I had no interest in the motive of Caleb’s action. I was totally smitten by the gentlemanly charm that Xing was exuding. I was hoping his GPS will fail so that we can spend more time together.

When we finally reach my place I merely sat still in my seat as Xing opened the door for me. Xing offered to accompany me up to my unit as he was worried for my safety if I were to go up on my own. When we reach my unit I so wanted to invite him in for ‘coffee’ but I had to remain compose, I did not want him to feel that I was an easy woman.

I bid Xing goodbye and he left only after I had locked the metal gate. I took a quick shower and lay on my bed fiddling with my phone while waiting for my hair to dry.

*notification tone*

Caleb: yo babe,  I hope you have reached home safely.

Me: yep, reached home already. Thanks for everything today.

Caleb: you free tomorrow?

Me: sorry but I have an appointment tomorrow night.(I don’t have one)

Caleb: how about afternoon?

Me: meeting my mom for lunch.(this is real)

Caleb: after that?

Me: shopping with her. (More excuse)

Caleb: wow to you sure have busy schedule.

Me: I’m in high demand :p

Caleb: I really look forward to our next date.

Me: oic

Caleb: how did I perform tonight?

Me: very gentlemanly I enjoy the date.

Caleb: me too! I really enjoy your company.  Love your perfume too. You smell so nice!

Me: oic

Caleb: you very tired already? Want to sleep?

Me: yes very sleepy. (Bored actually)

Caleb: ok let’s sleep together. I am going to sleep too. Nite nite.

(I did not want to reply)

*notification tone*

Xing: Hi, I hope you don’t mind me saving your number without your permission. You asleep?

Me: I don’t mind you saving my number, wide awake 🙂 Thanks for the ride today.

Xing: mind if we chat a while?

Me: don’t mind :p

Xing: sorry for being a kaypo but I feel that you should really give your date a chance. I had the same problem when I was initially dating. Had you been my first date I would be as nervous as him.

Me: aiya… he trying too hard, very irritating loh. By the way why will you be nervous leh?

Xing: because you are beautiful?

Me: kekeke you later your wife  jealous ah.

Xing: there is no wife…

Me: oops… I’m sorry.

Xing: let’s talk some other day. It was nice chatting with you.

I think might have accidentally stumbled upon a wrong topic…

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